Audrey Goepp

Audrey Goepp decided on a career in restoration after studying music and continuing on to instrument making.

She has been passionate about for music since childhood and took up cello and double bass lessons as an adult at a conservatoire level.

Having graduated with the diplôme des métiers d’art (DMA) from the Ecole Nationale de lutherie de Mirecourt, she joined Jean-Yves Tanguy’s workshop in Caen in 2013. During her time there she developped her techniques of restoration, maintenance and settings. Her skills cover the quartet (violin, viola and cello), the baroque stringed instruments (quartet and viola de gamba) and also the doublebass.

Audrey Goepp - Luthier : restauration et réparation - Violons, violes et violoncelles - vincennes - Paris


A continual search

Alongside her work Audrey continues her training with Jean-Jacques Fasnasht, a Swiss-based luthier specialising in fine restoration with whom she is developping and updating her knowledge, together with that of solvant chemistry and work on ultraviolet lights.

Thanks to her affinity for the musical world, in which she takes an active part herself, Audrey naturally looks for the best way to bring her skills of adjustment and settings to it’s players.

Through innovation and research she remains committed to maintaining an ideal in instrument conservation and preservation.

Restauration lutherie - Vincennes - Audrey Goepp


Before and after